Why Sell Your Car to a Dealership

July 12th, 2021 by

Whether you’re shopping for a new or just want to free up some garage space, selling your old vehicle at a dealership like Community Motors is the way to go. So, what makes selling your car to a dealership more appealing than a private sale? Here are a few excellent reasons to consider.

Saves Time and Hassle

Selling your car takes more than just slapping a “For Sale” sign on the windshield. Consider the steps you’ll have to go through just to get your vehicle seen by enough people to net a sale. Those steps include:

  • Taking appealing pictures that not only showcase your car but also show it in its best light
  • Creating the perfect ad with the right keywords to make readers and search engines happy
  • Paying fees to post those ads on classifieds, both on paper and online
  • Waiting by the phone or computer for a bite
  • Dealing with no-shows, tire-kickers, and other time wasters
  • Hoping your prospective buyer doesn’t back at the worst possible time

Needless to say, private sales can be a time-consuming hassle, especially if need to sell your vehicle quickly. In welcome contrast, selling your car to a dealership is a faster and more streamlined experience. There aren’t any ads to worry about and the only things you’ll need to bring are the title and keys. In no time at all, you’ll walk out with money in hand. The vast majority of car sales are done the same day, whereas a private sale could take weeks or even months to wrap up.

Best of all, the entire sales transaction is done in a comfortable environment with plenty of convenient amenities to enjoy. So, you can grab a cup of coffee, stretch your legs and relax as the dealership inspects your vehicle and handles the paperwork for the sale. Compare that with a private sale, where you’ll have to sign over the title and fill out bills of sale on your own.

More Secure Than a Private Sale

It’s not just the hassle of showcasing your car on the online classifieds you’ll have to worry about. You’ve probably heard horror stories about sellers who were duped or, worse, harmed by unsavory characters responding to their ads. The Internet is littered with people with bad intentions and it’s all too easy to fall prey to one of them. The last thing you want to do is put yourself at risk by inviting a potentially shady buyer to your home.

Selling your car to a dealership means you won’t have to deal with any of the above. Instead of your driveway or a lonely lot, the sale happens at a safe, busy, and well-lit dealership. Instead of dealing with a buyer of unknown reputation, your buyer is a reputable dealership with high standards and a researchable customer history. And instead of handling cash or hoping the buyer’s check doesn’t bounce, selling to a dealer gives you several secure and guaranteed payment options. Simply put, you’ll have greater peace of mind dealing with seasoned professionals who understand the importance of a safe and secure sales experience.

Once you’re done with the sale, that’s it. You won’t get any calls from angry buyers complaining about the vehicle. The dealership takes ownership and responsibility for the car, which completely separates you from the next buyer.

Trade-In Opportunities

If you’re selling your car, then you’re likely in the market for a new one. A private party sale means you’ll lose out on one of the most effective forms of leverage at a dealership – the trade-in. Instead of selling your old car for cash on your own, you can leverage that same vehicle’s value towards your next vehicle.

Unlike private buyers, dealerships aren’t particularly picky about your old car’s condition. Some dealerships even have “push, pull, or drag” events where they’ll accept any vehicle as a trade-in regardless of how it looks or runs.

Trading in your old vehicle can also help you save money on your new car’s sales taxes. If your dealer gives you $5,000 for your trade-in towards a $30,000 vehicle, then you’ll only have to pay sales taxes on the remaining $25,000. The higher your trade-in value, the lower your sales taxes on your new ride.

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